Fisher-Price Imaginext – House Party

I was selected to host back in the fall of 2012 for a really awesome party through HouseParty. The thing about parties is that no matter how many people you may invite you just don’t know if things will pan out. For me things popped up. So though it was a small and intimate gathering the kids still had a great time.

Fisher Price House Party Cookies

For us it really was a blessing. We received our party package from Fisher-Price and I was shocked at how generous they were. By the way, everything we were given was free. We got to keep what they sent us. I received coupons and coloring books and discs with cartoons as well to hand out to attenders. It was a really fabulous experience. I am thankful we got to participate as the host.

Fisher Price House Party CookieSeeing as I am into cookies as of late I just HAD to make some themed cookies for the party. I went mostly basic. Keeping in theme with the toys, I did the shapes of the Fisher Price sign. I also could not help but be inspired by the big Ogre. He was one of the toys we got  in the party pack.

Fisher Price Ogre CookiesSo I tried a few things with these cookies and they mostly turned out okay. However I learned that while you can put cookies into your oven iced set at a very low temp it’s best to not go that rout unless you absolutely have too. It really dried them out but at least they were edible!

This was my (not as well planned) Fisher-Price HouseParty cookie. It was a last minute idea and again I learned some things not to do but it was still fun to work on. P.S. You need to have the right size tips you need for writing or your letters will squish together.

FisherPriceParty1We put on the dvd that came with the toys. The kids loved it and got sucked right in. They loved seeing the characters and getting ideas from the video. It was cool because it suddenly made them familiar with the new toys they were now playing with. I thought it was clever for whoever decided to add it to the Fisher-Price Party Pack.


FisherPriceParty6At one point the (Awesome) toy motion activated castle kept making some sound in response to a dragon or something being near it so the Dads jumped in to lend a hand, and bless them Fisher-Price built it with and OFF switch!

We left the show on and the kids would stop and watch at different points. It was fun to watch them reenact the scenes some times.



To to sum it up. Here’s a big thank you to Fisher-Price and HouseParty for giving my friends and family such a cool and educational opportunity! I can’t wait to do another HouseParty and I do recommend them if you like to do those sort of things.





Playing with the Fisher-Price Rev'n Go Garage Playing with Fisher-Price Rev 'n Go Stunt Hauler Playing with Fisher Price Imaginext Toys Playing with Fisher Price Imaginext Toys Playing with Fisher Price Imaginext Toys Eating Cookies Eating Cookies Eating Cookies Eating Cookies











Items that came in the Fisher-Price Party Package:


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    • March 16, 2013 at 8:09 pm

      Thank you! We had a really fun time and were very blessed with the opportunity to host the party. My boys loved it!


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