Closet Remodel


The first project we wanted to tackle in the new house was the flooring downstairs, however, unpacking, and deciding on flooring colors have to come first. So… to sharpen my DIY skills (I have no training in construction or previous experience) I decided to start with the master bedroom closet. After all, I always wanted to give my special lady a nice built in master closet!

It is a good thing I started with a location in the house that is not overly visible as I learned sooo much from this project. Here are a few quick tips:

  1. The walls/ceilings of your house are most likely not completely straight, joined at 90 degree angles or in short the best guides for construction.
  2. Build your “towers” straight and level prior to installing. Then use molding to hide the imperfections of the walls/ceilings.
  3. Measure twice, cut once… Seriously… re-measure.

Here is a basic flow of how the project went:

The project is not perfect, but I am still very pleased with the end result. More importantly though, is that my special lady loves her new closet and we can now put away all our clothes!

Checkout the main post for our remodel to see all the improvements as I am able to post them: Home Renovation Project Begins!

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