DIY Starlord Cosplay Blasters

DIY Starlord Blasters


This year in October, our family was invited to a Super Hero party and the guests were obviously encouraged to come dressed up. This of course for us means we have an opportunity to go overboard as usual. My wife, baby, and myself geared up as members of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.
I tried to convince the entire family to join in, but my three older children were dead set on Iron Spider, Hulk, and Hulkbuster Iron Man… (Great choices, but it would have been awesome to see my 7 year old as Drax!)

Step 1.) Purchase the base blaster

No I did not mold, 3d print, etc these… I bought them from Amazon. You can find theme by following this link: Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy Star-Lord Quad Blaster. The product alone was very impressive and super fun to shoot. It has a separate trigger to cause the second set of bullet chambers to be revealed, similar to how Starlord’s blasters open up. This article is really about dismantling and painting these very nice, but very orange replicas into something more cosplay worthy!

Step 2.) Dismantle the blasters

Have patience as you go through the process of unscrewing the many many little screws. (Don’t forget to plastic bag them so they do not get lost!) When you get to the inside, try to not dislodge the guts inside the handles. The air pumps specifically are covered in grease that you do not want to wipe off as it helps seal the air canister.

Step 3.) Paint the pieces

To paint the blasters, I took the parts I wanted to paint (basically everything but the handles) and took them outside on a cardboard box. There is proceeded to spray paint them with a black flat paint. When spray painting, follow the instructions on the can… Specifically not to spray too close and to allow proper drying time. I repositioned mine a few times and applied thin coats to ensure I got all the angles.

The second step in painting was to bring them all inside to the kitchen table and by hand paint on the silver portions using a bottle of Testors Enamel Paint, Metallic Silver. I painted it using a stiffer brush as I wanted to allow some black to show through as if it were scraped up a little vs completely coating the entire surface.

Step 4.) Holster them on!

There are some excellent 3D printed holsters you can print and add strong magnets to and have a more screen perfect design… Unfortunately I could not find anyone with a 3D printer in time… so I went quick and dirty… I used Industrial strength velcro!  This actually worked our REALLY well. I was able to walk around and not worry about the blasters falling off at all, but they did come off freely when I pulled on them. The velcro had to be sewn to my pants, but the adhesive stayed perfect to the blasters themselves.

I was pleased with the results and now proudly display the blasters on my office shelf next to the Invent Star Lord Style Walkman Hi-Fi Stereo Earphone Headset and XCOSER Mysterious ORB.