Easter/ Spring Cookies

Easter cookies can be so much fun. This was my first time making Easter/Spring cookies. As is typical of me I wanted to come up with at least one design that was original. I had several “oops” cookies, and did a few not so original ones but all in all I had a delicious plate of cookies to share when I was done.




This was one of my more challenging cookies. I thought it really turned out quite adorable (if I do say so myself).




This one is a similar style to the  previous. They took quite a lot of time in between for all the different layers to dry. I wanted to create something fun from the egg-shaped cookie cutter and those were what I came up with.




I had to add this one because it was Logan’s addition to my cookies, that and the new joke of “You made my carrot dirty!”. (You will see what I mean in a minute)



Easter / Spring cookies are so lovely, however, they have been so “done” that it is very hard to come up with something new I admit. So we went with a few tried and true ones too as you can see in the gallery.

So that was our adventure this week in cookie making. Family members loved them and were kind enough to take them off my hands so I wouldn’t eat them all my self. I can’t wait to make my next cookie creation.

Keep crafting!







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