Home Renovation Project Begins!

New House Excitement
Since June of this year (2016) we have begun a brand new set of adventures! We moved to Washington all the way from Florida. Not only is this a huge change for a family, but we decided to change our lifestyle from suburb life to country life.

18 Acers!!!The cost of housing in the greater Seattle area is WAAAAAAY more expensive than that of FL, so as we began to search for homes that were large enough for our family, let us be outside the city, close to transit to Seattle, and afforded us a chance to have some property… Wow… We ended up with VERY few options… In the end we decide to move a bit further away than I wanted from downtown, but I fell in love with the fact that we could get 18 acres and a view of a mountain!

We settled on a 4 Bedroom with a den, 3 bath, 3,000 sqft home. The only real issue…. The house needs TLC… ok… for some maybe not that much, but for us… ALOT of TLC… As such we have spent the last five months renovating the home, and are only just now nearing completion with the downstairs. (Life does tend to slow you down when you have five kids, get a new dog, live in the remodel, and have no family nearby to help!) But, overall, the process has been fun, if stressful during certain portions, such as the kitchen remodel.

Of course now I am nearly a year backlogged in post to upload here! The wife has expectations around actually being able to live here, lol. Ya time is something that seems to be in short supply lately. It is nice to see our home slowly transform into the home we desire.

Here are more pictures of the home pre-work by us… Posts about all our work we have been doing to come!

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