“Jake and the Neverland Pirates” Activity Book Craft

The Activity Book

So my son was recently invited to a birthday party that wasn’t exactly a party. It was more of a get together with the promise of cake (yum!) and swimming. So I asked my friend what her little guy would like for his birthday. However, like many of us Moms out there, she felt her son simply had enough “stuff” and didn’t really need more toys. I can completely relate!!!

I knew it would probably bum my son a little to not give anything to his best friend for his birthday. So, I decided to put on my Super Mom thinking cap. I asked my self what I like my kids to get from others, especially when they seem to already have more than they need. So after requesting the birthday boy’s favorite cartoon character, me and my little man got to work.

We ended up with this…

I love it when my boys are doing creative things. Crafts keep their hands busy and encourage them to use their imaginations. For this same reason I also love books. I have not met a mom who didn’t like the idea of her kids reading. Therefore, my idea coalesced into a gift I hope my friend will be happy with on both accounts.

This book contains for the recipient:

Book contents.
Book contents.

The Treasure Box



So after all the craft idea searching for this little book, I came across several cute things from the Disney Jr. website. But the gem that caught my eye was the treasure chest!

Though mine did not come out quite as seamless as the one pictured above, it was fun (if a little time consuming) to make. I admit to several moments of frustration and whispered prayers that the finished product would last more than ten minutes in the hands of the five year old it is intended for. However, I won’t be holding my breath.


The Finished Product



I love getting crafty with my kids and creating this book together with my son for his friend became a fun activity for us. He put personal touches into the creation of this birthday book that made it a really special gift.

 I hope this post gives you some good ideas. I think it will be a fun alternative to the classic children’s birthday gift.

Have a blessed day!


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