Marvel Calendar

Every year I try to find a new and creative way to send picture of the kids to the family. This is increasingly easier thanks to companies like Snapfish who offer custom coffee mugs, photo cards, mouse pads, calendars and more!

This year (2012) the decision was an easy one since we spent a good deal in October for our Super Hero costumes to go with the Quinjet.

Quick Tips!

  • Plan you key photo shots before you begin
  • Ensure nap time/snack time is not during the same time period as your photo shoot
  • Make sure your lighting/camera settings are good to go before you begin
  • Pick a backdrop that does not blend with your subject
  • Ensure you have a well lit area

Photo Session

The photo session with the boys was a lot of fun and definitely yielded results we were not expecting! After taking a few hundred photos, the task of selecting the twelve to use in the calendar had to begin… Here are a few that did not make the cut, but were still some of our favorites. 🙂


To create the end photos used in the calendar, I used Photoshop. The various backgrounds were all found off the internet and then heavily modified using various filters. The primary filter I used was Poster Edges to create the comic affect on both the pictures of my boys and on the background images.

Here are the before and after images:

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  • March 9, 2013 at 9:39 pm

    Your boys are so cute


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