Mickey Mouse Club House Party

M. I. C. K. E. Y.  M. O. U. S. E.


Mickey Mouse and his friends have come a long way since I was a child. More colors, more adventures, more interactions and more fun! It touched my inner child too when we did this party for my son. I found some awesome ideas online and really had a blast putting it all together. I hope this gives you some fun ideas.




I used star confetti, jars of rainbow colored candy sticks, and Blow-Pops as added color for the cake table.




The Mickey Mouse Club House cake was quite an undertaking, I looked at several styles online but eventually decided to make this one. The head, slide, hand/arm and leg/foot are made from rice crispy treats and covered in fondant. Aside from the plastic characters everything else is cake with butter-cream icing and accented with fondant cut outs.





I made these with white wooden letters I bought from Joann Fabrics. I purchased acrylic paints and printed out the hats, round ears, and bow tie onto card stock paper. I used real white feathers for Donald’s head and black felt for Pluto’s ears. Each letter got two coats of paint and the smaller pieces were hot glued on. The Pluto tag was a sticker from a set I had found from Joann Fabrics. I punctured a hole into it and tied some yarn through to attach it.

Those letters had to be my favorite decoration I made. I got several of my decoration ideas from a party site while searching for Mickey party ideas. Logan and I are crafty enough to duplicate similar items our selves without having to buy them pre-made.




This was our welcome table decorated with tissue paper, toys and noise makers.




These were our take home gifts to party attenders. I found some fun things at the dollar store; they even had some themed toys and candy. We personalized the bags with a “Tootles” sticker Logan made. Each child also received a Mickey Mouse rice crispy treat that I made.



Mickey Mouse Rice Krispy Treats

My candy covered Mickey Mouse rice crispy treats were so yummy!

To make these you will need:

Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter

2-3 bags of Red Wilton Candy Melts

2-3 bags of Black Wilton Candy Melts

1 bag of White Wilton Candy Melts

1 bag of Wilton Cookie Sticks

Freshly made rice crispy treats about 1 1/2 inches thick.

One kabob skewer or ice pick.


While rice crispies are still warm use cookie cutter to cut our your Mickey head shapes.

Place on wax or parchment covered paper.

Pierce bottom center with sharp end of kabob skewer or ice pick about 1-2 inches into treat to create hole.

With red melts already melted according to instructions on the package dip bottom half of treat into the red to desired height. I went about 3/4 of the way up.

Immediately coat tip of cookie pop with red candy then slide into hole on the bottom. Place on wax covered pan. Once you have finished this step and have filled your pan, if you desire you can place them into the freezer for quicker drying.

Once the bottoms have dried carefully dip the top of the treat into melted black candy and place back on the cookie sheet. After finishing all your treats are on the pan add some melted white candy to a zip-lock baggie. Cut a small part of the corner off and pipe the little white buttons.

Tada! You now have your own Mickey Mouse treats. Enjoy!




One of the really fun games we did was Hidden Mickey. I cut out black silhouettes of mickey and numbered them 1-10. I told the kids they were all around the party area and that they had to find them. Parents had fun getting in on this too. You can see one on the wall mural in the photo above, can you see it? Hint- it’s not the giant one on the arch 😉  Some of the decorations were also found online.




A great idea for keeping little ones entertained while waiting for the activities to start was to put on an Episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I also had them color a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday coloring page.




This was a centerpiece I made from a ceramic pot. I painted it and added the buttons. Logan made the designs and I taped them to kabob skewers and stabbed them into a foam ball. I shredded some black paper for filling.






A little  tissue paper and shredded yellow paper were the filling for these two smaller decorative pieces. I topped it off with a little ribbon and presto! Cute themed decoration.




Dad with the birthday boy.




Mom with the birthday boy.







Easy rainbow fruit bowl, perfect for the occasion and so simple! Sing it with me… red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.




Hot Dog! Or rather. mini corn dogs. These were great for the kids and their little hands.




For the major attraction we ordered a bouncy castle that the kids had a blast on.




These were hand made thank you cards I created. I actually got the idea from my hidden Mickey cutouts.




Kade had an awesome day and we had a ton of fun with our friends and family. All the little touches were a lot of work but really came together nicely to make Kade’s day meeska, mooska, mouska special!


 Hi, I 'm married to Logan the co-author of this site and I am a very busy mom of three boys. I enjoy crafts, baking, cookie and cake decorating. I love to read, knit, scrap, sew costumes and try new things. I have recently taken an interest in the steam-punk style and I love vintage style clothing as well as dabbling in decorating parties. I'm currently learning all the ins and outs in the adventures of homeschooling. It truly takes a lot of determination and I only make it through by depending on my rock Jesus Christ. So that's enough about me; check out our site and have a great time!