Monsters Inc. “Sulley” Cupcakes

Ready for some simple Sulley Cupcakes?

Meet my inspiration…


I was recently overcome with the urge to get crafty. I felt like baking, and cupcakes sounded yummy. We had just recently taken our own “little monsters” to see the new Disney/Pixar film “Monsters University”. (It was really funny by the way and we all really enjoyed it.)

Anyhow I was in the mood for something quick and fun. Suddenly, Sulley just popped into my head. I love making cute things for my kids and I thought it would be a little more fun for them (and me)  then just slapping some white icing on top of a cupcake. No no, Mommy just HAD to go a little further….

So I now give you (drum roll)…..

Simple “Sulley” cupcakes!!!

Monster's University Sulley Cupcakes
Monster’s University Sulley Cupcakes

To make these you will need:


When prepping your icing set aside about half a cup for your purple.

To make the blue icing I used several drops of the elctric blue until it looked right, about 8-10 drops. Then I added a few drops of the teal until I was happy with the color.

I did the same for the purple color accept I used about 4 drops of the electric purple first and then added about two drops of the fuchsia.

I don’t know about you but I like my cupcakes to have a fair amount of icing on them. So when I iced my cupcakes I started on the outside and worked my way in so that as I overlapped my second layer of blue it would give the icing some height. This also creates gaps to put the purple patches into later. For example…


So once you finish with your blue simply add random patches of “purple hair” on top and around the edges of the cupcake. I avoided making any consistent patterns with my purple patches to make it look as natural as possible.



So there you have it! Simple Sulley cupcakes. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you end up making these, let me know how your little ones liked them! It’s fur on your food that they wont mind lol. 🙂


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