Pinewood Derby 2015 – Minecraft Enderman Car & Lego Kai’s Fire Car

This year my boys wanted to make cars which resembled their favorite games/toys. My oldest continued his theme from last year (check out our post on the Minecraft Creeper Car) and made an Enderman Car this year called The End Car. My second oldest made Kai’s Fire Car from Lego Ninjago. They both did a great job and I am very proud of them both. (The also both received 2nd place in their respective dens for speed.)

Kai’s Fire Car

My second oldest joined Cub Scouts this year as a Tiger Cub and has been looking forward to this race since watching his brother participate last year. Deciding on what to make took a bit of negotiation given the awesome/wild ideas he had at first. Eventually we landed on Kai’s Fire Car from Lego Ninjago. He of course wanted it detailed out to include missiles and the works, but sadly when helping two boys make cars, this was not something we accommodated this year. Overall we did a great job and he was super happy with his finished car.

The End Car

Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft!!! My oldest son is still hooked on this game for over two years now! 🙂 He only gets to play on the weekend, so I suppose that helps spread it out. His friends also love the game, so his thought process was that if he does not in for speed, he might win cub scout choice award like last year. He came close, but a car made to look like a shark won cub scout choice. (It was pretty awesome looking!)

He decided to make the car in a similar shape to his car last year as his car last year was super fast, but wanted to try to step it up by adding glowing eyes to his car. Since I have been learning electronics currently as yet another hobby, we had plenty of wire and LEDs laying around to play with. Unfortunately the batteries distributed the weight further forward than last year and as a result the car was less performant than last year. (He still got second place in his den.)

Video Time!

My second oldest was just convinced I had to make a video this year like I did last year… So of course… I did, just for him!

We hope you all like our cars, and that these help you as you think of new creative ideas for your cars!