St. Patrick’s Day Cookies

Dia Dhuit! (Hello),

Here are my St. Patrick’s Day cookies! I hope you get a  good chuckle out of some of them.

I tried to do a few new designs. I hope you enjoy them. I added some Celtic influence as well which I will go into further in this post. Read on and check it out!

I had so much fun doing these cookies! I love Ireland. I have been there once before and it is so beautiful. These cookies were made in celebrations of Ireland’s national holiday and hope they inspire you to get crafty.


Celtic Shamrock Cookie
Celtic Shamrock Cookie


This cookie (while imperfect) was a fun challenge for me. The flower design came from the Book of Kells. Therefore I thought it would be an appropriate design.


Celtic Design Ideas
Celtic Design Ideas


The above photo was where I pulled the design from. The book was Celtic Art: The Methods of Construction (Dover Art Instruction).


Hand Painted Ireland Cookie
Hand Painted Ireland Cookie


This was my very first attempt at hand painting a cookie (I was soo nervous!). The hand painted style of this cookie was inspired by one of my favorite cookie artists “Arty McGoo”. She is an amazing artist. I never would have thought to hand paint cookies; let alone where to start. This cookie happened to be the last one I had to decorate so I decided to try something new and I really like how it turned out.


Kilt Men Cookies
Kilted Men Cookies


Ah and now for my favorite! Yes the “Kilted Men Cookies”! When I came up with this idea I just could not stop laughing to my self. I shared the idea with  a couple friends and they agreed they found it amusing too. These “yummy” cookies were inspired by my all time favorite cookier Sweet Sugarbelle. I was inspired by her Chippendale Cookies to create this design. She is truly amazing in my opinion as a cookie artist and I always love checking out her blog to see her newest creations. So to her I send out a personal THANK YOU for all your tutorials and posts.

Coming soon will be a tutorial on how I made my “Men in Kilts Cookies” so stay tuned for more on that.

The tutorial on how I made my “Men in Kilts Cookies” is now posted. Check it out: Men in Kilts Cookie Tutorial.

Leprechaun Cookie
Leprechaun Cookie


Isn’t he cute? You probably didn’t notice this poor little guys absence on the first photo. After all, that was a lot of beef cake for him to compete with. But he’s not there. You might also notice that he looks slightly unfinished. You see, I was letting the band on his hat dry and planning to come back and add a buckle. Then I excused my self from the room for just two minutes when….DUN…DUN…DUN…..BAM!!!!


Evil Leprechaun Cookie
Terrified Leprechaun Cookie


The Cookie Monster got him!!!!!! I learned a very important lesson that day. If I am planning to decorate cookies while my two year old is awake I need to never leave the room or put drying cookies WELL out of reach. I hope none of your cookies have to go through what this poor cookie did. Poor guy looks ravaged. So beware of Cookie Monsters!


Anyhow I hope you have enjoyed this post. Remember to check out my Men in Kilts Cookie Tutorial.

For more St. Patrick’s Day cookies, check out Janie’s post at SugarKissed51 Tutorials for St. Patrick’s Day Sweets You Can Make

Éirinn go brách (Ireland Forever) And have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Slainte! (Good Health)


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