Ladies Spring Tea or a Women’s Brunch?


Tablescapes are an awesome way to be artistic for almost any event. Tablescapes create a fun and creative way for members of any group to participate and and express themselves in numeral imaginative ways through hosting and decorating tables. Is has to be one of my favorite ways to decorate for an event.



Green On The Ivy

I have attended as well as participated in several tablescape events. There are usually anywhere from 1-3 (or maybe more) women who come up with an idea for an individual table. They usually pool their resources to come up with an over all theme for their table and decide how they will go about decorating it.


A Touch Of Pink

Whether it is a ladies spring tea or women’s brunch these are some fun ways to bring your ladies together for an event. Some people have unknown and untapped skills that can really reveal themselves in this activity.


Calling All Angels

Each woman had her own style. As the tables come together it is wonderful to get a glimpse into someone’s life by what they bring to decorate with. We usually will give an award for best table; it is always a struggle to pick the winner.


Spring Is In The Air

Some people might end up buying decorations and tableware or some might bring their own from home. Either way the tables always have a unique feel to each one.


A Golden Afternoon

One thing I find particularly nice is that doing tablescapes gives one the opportunity to use “the good china”. We so often only have the chance to use it during a holiday or very special occasion. It’s nice to see them out of their cupboards.


Eye Popping Perfection

As each table come together you get to watch as each item is placed just so. Some are a little more casual while the perfectionist in others arise. You get all kinds of new ideas from every tablescape event that you attend.


My Grandmothers Pearls

Sometimes a table can even tell a story, as seen in the photo above. A great deal of thought usually goes into the presentation of these tables. The outcome can some times even take your breath away or touch your heart.

Tablescapes can be something personal that shows a history or perhaps paint a picture of your dreams. Perhaps you will show a fiery spirit through color and shape or a great love of animals. There really is no limit to the amount of imagination or fun one can put into these artistically beautiful tables. I enjoyed hosting the event that brought about the reality of each of these tables. The next time your hosting something like this perhaps you will consider it as an overall theme. I hope this provides some creative ideas. Thank you to all the ladies at Riverstone Church who participated and contributed to the event.


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