Toy Story Birthday Party


Howdy Partners! It’s time to blast off!


This was our son’s 2’nd birthday back in 2010. He was crazy about Toy Story and anything Buzz in general. Disney family website has a ton of helpful ideas to make themed parties for their characters. In the image above we had a three dimensional life size Buzz Lightyear created for a fun photo opportunity. Each guest got to have a picture with Buzz. We had the pieces printed out poster size. Next we glued the pieces to cardboard. After they dried over night we assembled as directed.


We kept this party fairly light with simple snacks and few games. Here was our main table layout. Simply decorated with some of our sons Toy Story toys and party decorations.


For his cake Woody got to be the main attraction. I did themed layers with fondant and kept with toys for additional decorations.


These are the awesome and fun to make Green Alien cupcakes.They were a hit with the kids.


These were the Sheriff Woody badge cookies and Jessie’s cowgirl hat cookies. They were a lot of fun to make and you can too by following the instructions at the link.

This party was a few years ago, since then they have even more options for snacks and games. I wish they had the ideas back then we probably would have done most of them!


Keeping it simple we added an awesome poster of Buzz and some other basic decorations to set up the room.


As a take home gift each child received a brown (for Woody) or a red (for Jessie) cowboy/girl hat. I found these at the dollar store. I poke a hole on each side and ran string through the holes to tie them off to keep them on the kids heads.


A party goer in the Jesse hat. We brought all of our Toy Story toys for the party as well, beside being a great decoration we had plenty for the kids to play with while they had to wait for festivities to begin.


Keeping with the theme we played horseshoes. Found a nice plastic set at the dollar store along with the hats.


In the photo above the kids were attacked and slimed (silly stringed) by the alien (the dads) invaders. The kids were tasked with dodging the slime and capturing the slime shooters and turning them on said aliens. Screaming and running commenced and a merry time was had by all. I had sack throwing game as well that was appropriate for two year olds. They actually have themed sacks you can make now too at the Disney family site.


Later the birthday boy found another use for the life-size Buzz, a good old fashioned blaster battle! Dad helped 🙂


We love doing themed parties and this one was a lot of fun for all the kids. There are even more great ideas out there now then there were a few years ago. I hope this entry has given you some fun helpful ideas and some resources.



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